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The Common Ground Recordings
Summer 2018

Odd Mondays Volume 1
Odd Mondays Volume 2
Odd Mondays Volume 3

I started and hosted The Odd Mondays Open Mic at Common Ground.
These were my times at the mic.
Each volume runs about 45 minutes. Hopefully you love me. Hehheh.

"On Pentip & Tunage"
First spoken word album

"Stand The Stars"
Second spoken word album
Early 2002

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"Hellfunk And Jazz Sandwich"
First Instrumental Album
Late 2002

"Live At A Latte Books"
First live feature performance
May 2004

Easily Offended? Beware!
"Raga For The Forth"
Second Instrumental Album
July 2006


Stand-alone piece: 'Writing The World Go By'

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