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Nihilist For Nature
My Black Album - 2016

Tales From The Dep End
The Last One
Another Dumb Nature Poem
120 Bucks or Another Dumb Nature Poem #2
The Cutesy Rodents
I'm Just A Normal Likable Guy
Gay Folks Be De Ke
Myopian Future
Little Bowl Sitter
It's Not Alright For You Baby Blue
Another Monday Go Round
The Longevity Pill
Monday September 23, 2013
The Fourth Of July 2015
Another Man Of Quiet Desperation

"On Pentip & Tunage"
First spoken word album

"Stand The Stars"
Second spoken word album
Early 2002

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"Hellfunk And Jazz Sandwich"
First Instrumental Album
Late 2002

"Live At A Latte Books"
First live feature performance
May 2004

Easily Offended? Beware!
"Raga For The Forth"
Second Instrumental Album
July 2006


Stand-alone piece: 'Writing The World Go By'

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